Sunday, May 11, 2014

My twitter bio explained: The question of your life in five C’s

This is my twitter bio:

How to use human creativity, communication, cooperation, coordination and some courage to achieve a more peaceful and sustainable world?

Many times colleagues and even communication specialists advised me to make it more professional, but I just couldn’t change it. I nevertheless felt I had to do at least something. That something is my twitter bio explained here below.

If you imagine your life as an answer to a question, what would this question of your life be? It would probably be a rather general question, like “what difference can I make?”, “what is my passion?”, or “what can my family be proud of when they think of me?”. Despite their generality, these questions strongly interfere with the meaning of your life. Because if you consider your life as the answer to a question, it becomes some sort of accomplishment of a mission. But what can that mission be, besides being yourself?

There are probably several missions to be accomplished and your challenge is to tune into them, like you tune an old radio until the sound becomes clear and you like the music. Part of this tuning process is also to find out who is assigning that mission to your life. Is it yourself? Your family? History? Noone? For me, it doesn’t really matter where the mission comes from, as long as I can agree with it and it makes me dance.

Something else you need to figure out is: can your life be a bad answer? I don’t think so, but nevertheless I feel more comfortable if I check once in a while if my life is still okay enough as a ‘rolling answer’ to the question of my life. It’s a fun exercise to do. It’s like opening all your life’s windows and airing it out completely. After you’ve aired it all out you’ll find some interesting questions and answers, free from the dust under which old habits and preconceptions had hidden them.

The last time I did this exercise I thought of things that are important to me, like living in peace and in a sustainable way (not for me alone, but for everyone). So the question of my life would necessarily have to do with achieving these goals. Then I thought about my possible contribution to them. It seemed to me that this contribution starts with consciousness and the Creativity that emanates from it, the first “C” of the question of my life. Next step: what’s worth creativity if I keep it in my head? Answer: not much. So the “C” of Communication had to be key to my question too. This communication about creative ideas should of course also be meaningful and effective. In other words, these ideas should go beyond my computer screen and lead to Cooperation. Obviously, cooperation calls for Coordination, otherwise it might lead to anarchy.

These four “C’s” seemed like a good basis for a good question of my life. But it still sounded too hollow and easy, so I needed some further tuning. I wondered: how do you get good ideas across and actually start the change you want? Well, mostly it takes you to leave your comfort zone and show some Courage. This is the “C” I like the most, because it’s what often is missing the most. Together, these five “C’s” compose the question of my life: “How to use human creativity, communication, cooperation, coordination and some courage to achieve a more peaceful and sustainable world?” Almost a year after I chose this question it still resonates perfectly with me, like a powerful melody that doesn’t wear off. So I continue to make sure my life will be the answer to this question, or the dance to this melody.

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